Sunday, January 9, 2011

Self Portraits!

Hi everyone! I'm posting again, with only two more days left in snowy Syracuse. I finally go back to school on Tuesday. You know it's time for Allie to go back to art school when she stays up until 3 a.m. sketching! Last night, I opened up my sketch book again, and decided to draw a self portrait. Keeping in mind that I didn't start sketching until 1 a.m., I am pretty proud of what I produced...

Coincidentally, I was revisited by a self portrait that I completed senior year of high school today. I was over at my friend Shannon's house, and she gave me the piece, which I had accidentally left in my high school's art room. Shannon visited the art room sometime last year, and was kind enough to pick up the painting, but kept forgetting to give it to me. Finally I got the painting back! And here it is!

If is very funny seeing this painting again, especially after drawing a self portrait of myself last night. When comparing the two portraits there are quite a few similarities.

 Both portraits are looking straight on, with very little expression on the face. Both portraits emphasize the face, while cutting off below the neck line for the most part. I feel like I was a little more afraid of drawing/painting my hair back then though. I'm happy to say that since entering college, I have been a little less reluctant about drawing detailed things, and I am a whole lot quicker at it too. It's amazing that the painting on the left probably took me a month, when the drawing on the right only took me 2 hours.

In the spirit of self portraits, I have to show you something that Shannon gave me! We joked one time about wearing shirts with each other's heads on them, so as a funny holiday gift, she actually made me one!

Here is the design that Shannon printed. She said that she made a stencil to create the image. I think it is hilarious and awesome:) And here is a picture of me wearing the shirt!

I will wear this everywhere of course:) Shannon also gave me some Sons of Admirals songs, because we all know how much I love my dorky YouTube bands. Now I will have to take a screen printing class so that I can top this amazing gift!

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