Friday, April 20, 2012

My Blurb Book

After weeks of tediouisly collecting information, laying out spreads, and pulling out hair, I successfully uploaded my book for Typography to The book is about candy, cookies, and everything else sugary and good in the world. I ordered a copy of the book for class, and if you really really want a copy, you can order one too! Sending out this book to be printed makes me officially done with one of my studio finals! I am a happy art student :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lovell Health House, Early Renderings

I have been working on one of my final projects for a class I am taking called "Innovation and Precedent". For this assignment, we were told to choose an architect, and to build one of their projects in 3Ds max. I chose the Lovell Health House by Richard Neutra. Eventually we will have to take the project and reconfigure it in an animation to be our own design, but right now I am almost done modeling the house. I saved some renderings, so I thought I would share them. There will be more images soon, and eventually a video!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Scholarship Portfolio

I recently found out that I received a Competitive Scholarship at MICA this year! I thought I would post the work that I submitted for that portfolio.

I've posted this on my blog before, but here are three of my favorite floor plans from my Farmers Market Design that I did last semester.
This is from the same Farmers Market project. It's an axonometric drawing of what I wanted the outside of the building to look like.
These are stills from an animation that I made last year. The orange sculpture was designed for MICA's Cohen Plaza.
These were drawings for the same project.
 This was a small book holder that I designed, and was on display at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair(ICFF) last May. It is designed to fold to be completely flat when not in use.
This is a modular metal seating unit that I designed with two of my classmates fall of my Sophomore year. The structure was designed so that the legs of one person were situated under the bottom of another person, so that everyone could sit or lay closer to each other. The pieces can also be rearranged.
This is a study model that I made out of bass wood last spring. It turned out to have a really neat form.
This is a model of a home made from basswood and cardboard. Our assignment was to design a house for a couple to retreat to, located on a hillside in Turkey.
This is a map of Station North in Baltimore, MD. The map is studying the health of the housing in the area. The darker the buildings are shaded in, the higher their is a percentage of them being either boarded up or vacant.
I collaborated on this model with two of my other classmates. After studying Station North for a good part of the semester, we came up with this model to test how changing conditions such as housing, crime, and education in one block area can effect others. The blocks are strung together at the bottom, so if you pull up on one other blocks will move with it. There are many areas were the blocks are not connected though, representing areas that we found had little effect on each other.

 That is all!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sushi Door Decorations

Seeing as my Super Mario themed door decorations were a huge hit last year, I thought I would do some more paper cut outs for my residents this semester. It took me a while to decide what I should make, but I eventually arrived at sushi.

I experimented with using scrapbooking paper instead of construction paper this time. Scrapbooking paper is a lot sturdier than construction paper when it comes to making stencils, and I enjoy picking out tye dye paper to make my creations really look like fish. Here are some close ups on individual door decorations...

Luckily from what I've heard so far, my residents really like the new door decs....and they think I'm the coolest RA ever of course.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Farmer's Market/Greenhouse Design

I haven't posted on this blog in over a year, but I thought it would be nice to begin doing so again. I am posting my Spatial Design III final from last semester here.

We have been studying the conditions of the Station North area of Baltimore all semester. From the knowledge we had gathered, we were told to pick a smaller site within our larger site, and design something that would implement change in the area. I chose to design a farmers market for the area, containing greenhouse components so the building could sustain itself be growing its own food. The site I eventually chose was a boarded up building on the intersection of North and Guilford Avenue.
And here is the design that I came up with...
The basement would serve as the main level for the market. There are two entrances(one on both North and Guilford), and windows for vendors to open up and sell to people along the street.

The first floor is a small cafe, including seating area which looks over the market. There is also an exterior area with space for people to sit outside, as well as enter and exit the building.
The second floor is a continuation of the market. This floor also contains a public greenhouse, along with a classroom space opening into the public greenhouse.

The third floor contains a private greenhouse, along with offices and storage spaces.

The Fourth Floor/Roof is a continuation of the private greenhouse, along with a green roof. This green roof space is contains garden space, where outdoor growing can exist.

And below is a drawing of what I hope the exterior of the building would look like.
Well that is all for now! I hope to actually post more work this year. Hope you enjoyed!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Super Mario Brother Door Decs!

Hello! I figured it was time for another blog post since I've been back from school for over a week now. I am an RA at my college, and each semester we make signs for the front of our residents doors with their names on them. These signs are more commonly known as "Door Decorations", or "Door Decs". Seeing as I like to torture myself and take on super large complicated projects, I chose to make Super Mario Brother door decs ENTIRELY out of construction paper. I only got a total of 6 hours of sleep between the two nights I spent working on them, but they turned out pretty awesome. I was very satisfied. I thought I'd use this opportunity to show everyone how I made the door decs, with pictures of all of the doors after I hung them!

First, I found a picture of the character that I wanted, and resized it on Microsoft word. Then I took a Micron pen and outlined the character to make a stencil.

Next, I placed the stencil ontop of a black piece of construction paper. Then I cut out the character and paper together with an exacto knife. I used the black paper as the base for all of my characters.
Next, I took different colors of construction paper, and started cutting out shapes from the stencil with the construction paper behind it.I tried to match the color of construction paper as close to the original picture as possible.

Then, I glued the pieces of cut construction paper to the black construction paper that I cut out. I generally worked from the outside of the character in. I found it easier to place the shapes in the right place by doing this. I did this until I cut and glued all of the shapes in the stencil. Then I had a finnished character!

Here is a picture of all 15 characters when they were complete!

And here is a picture of my apartment at 5:30 in the morning the day I finnished. There were A TON of paper scraps. Don't worry. I cleaned it all up the next day.

Here are some picture of all of the doors! I also made cut outs of objects pertaining to the characters I made with my residents names on them.


Princess Peach

Yoda (I had one room beg me for Star Wars. I had to)


Bowser (My door!)







Princess Daisy




Hope you enjoyed!