Saturday, January 21, 2012

Farmer's Market/Greenhouse Design

I haven't posted on this blog in over a year, but I thought it would be nice to begin doing so again. I am posting my Spatial Design III final from last semester here.

We have been studying the conditions of the Station North area of Baltimore all semester. From the knowledge we had gathered, we were told to pick a smaller site within our larger site, and design something that would implement change in the area. I chose to design a farmers market for the area, containing greenhouse components so the building could sustain itself be growing its own food. The site I eventually chose was a boarded up building on the intersection of North and Guilford Avenue.
And here is the design that I came up with...
The basement would serve as the main level for the market. There are two entrances(one on both North and Guilford), and windows for vendors to open up and sell to people along the street.

The first floor is a small cafe, including seating area which looks over the market. There is also an exterior area with space for people to sit outside, as well as enter and exit the building.
The second floor is a continuation of the market. This floor also contains a public greenhouse, along with a classroom space opening into the public greenhouse.

The third floor contains a private greenhouse, along with offices and storage spaces.

The Fourth Floor/Roof is a continuation of the private greenhouse, along with a green roof. This green roof space is contains garden space, where outdoor growing can exist.

And below is a drawing of what I hope the exterior of the building would look like.
Well that is all for now! I hope to actually post more work this year. Hope you enjoyed!

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