Monday, January 17, 2011

Super Mario Brother Door Decs!

Hello! I figured it was time for another blog post since I've been back from school for over a week now. I am an RA at my college, and each semester we make signs for the front of our residents doors with their names on them. These signs are more commonly known as "Door Decorations", or "Door Decs". Seeing as I like to torture myself and take on super large complicated projects, I chose to make Super Mario Brother door decs ENTIRELY out of construction paper. I only got a total of 6 hours of sleep between the two nights I spent working on them, but they turned out pretty awesome. I was very satisfied. I thought I'd use this opportunity to show everyone how I made the door decs, with pictures of all of the doors after I hung them!

First, I found a picture of the character that I wanted, and resized it on Microsoft word. Then I took a Micron pen and outlined the character to make a stencil.

Next, I placed the stencil ontop of a black piece of construction paper. Then I cut out the character and paper together with an exacto knife. I used the black paper as the base for all of my characters.
Next, I took different colors of construction paper, and started cutting out shapes from the stencil with the construction paper behind it.I tried to match the color of construction paper as close to the original picture as possible.

Then, I glued the pieces of cut construction paper to the black construction paper that I cut out. I generally worked from the outside of the character in. I found it easier to place the shapes in the right place by doing this. I did this until I cut and glued all of the shapes in the stencil. Then I had a finnished character!

Here is a picture of all 15 characters when they were complete!

And here is a picture of my apartment at 5:30 in the morning the day I finnished. There were A TON of paper scraps. Don't worry. I cleaned it all up the next day.

Here are some picture of all of the doors! I also made cut outs of objects pertaining to the characters I made with my residents names on them.


Princess Peach

Yoda (I had one room beg me for Star Wars. I had to)


Bowser (My door!)







Princess Daisy




Hope you enjoyed!


  1. These are amazing! I especially like that you chose to use the Paper Mario art style

  2. thats friggin sweet!

  3. where did you find the pictures you used?

    1. They are all from google images. I just searched each character separately and tried to find images with defined black outlines.

  4. I am trying to figure out a non-labor-intensive way to do Mario Brothers as my theme for the spring,
    but I have the utmost respect for you for doing this all by hand.

  5. Just wanted to say that these are really awesome!